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Dog Training


Professional Dog Training & Behavior



Since dogs are distracted by nature, the ideal setting for beginning a dog's training is in a distraction free environment. Private, in-home lessons provide this and are the finest way to begin or advance a dog's training and/or eliminate problematic behaviors such as bolting, excessive barking, etc. They are also perfect for folks that have the need for or prefer flexible scheduling. Our internationally certified, professional dog trainer comes to your home and works with you and your dog in a distraction free environment for optimum results.You and your dog benefit from one on one instruction, flexible scheduling and unlimited support throughout your entire program.


Day training is perfect for busy people that have difficulty finding enough time to practice with their dogs. You want a well-behaved dog but you don't have the time to be a dog trainer. Our internationally certified, professional dog trainer trains your dog for you while you are at work, running errands and/or doing what you need to do. We meet with you to show you how to maintain the behaviors we have put in place. It's easy for you, fun for your dog and it's highly effective!


Behavior problems such as shyness, fear, resource guarding, separation anxiety, hyperactivity and aggression, etc., can be overwhelming. You love your dog, you want to take him/her places but you're hesitant to do so. You've tried everything but nothing has solved the issue(s). In some cases, the initial consultation may take more time. It is crucial that we identify the triggers and have an in-depth understanding of the factors surrounding the behavior. While most cases can have a extremely successful outcome, it is important to note that some cases can take time and require patience and commitment.

"Your training program was always fun, easy going, to the point, and Gracie loved it. If you ever need a reference, please don't hesitate to give me a call. Having an obedient, loving companion is such a joy and the results of your program was truly amazing"!!

Jerry Newman & Gracie